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Four Hands, Four Rings.

Four Hands, Four Rings

Written and Post from :June, 19, 05.

He looked at my hands in haste, as if he wanted to see...

Yes..If I'm wearing his rings :-) ... I remember myself 7 years old looking at my tiny Silver floral
ring ... amazed by it's beauty... ...trying to imagine the person made that ring...and felt, it is

I did not realized then.. that 20 years later, i would wear HUGE Silver rings hand made by my

For this work I took Photos of my left hand ,wearing my Father,Aharon's Silver rings, hearts bracelet,that he made for me. Except the purple ring...all 3 other rings ,he
made for me about 22 years ago. The elliptical Green glass ring,and the elliptical Rose-quartz
ring were definitely my favorite rings from his collection, which I wore daily then.

Beads works by myself.

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