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Being a mother of two boys, Saar & Yarin, I find myself each year volunteering for activities at school.
My volunteering activity started actually, when my eldet son, Saar was in kindergarten. 1999.
Back then, I used to come read the class a story and after make together some kind of artwork inspired by the story.
During the years, I made with the kids all kind of artistic activities, inspired by many educational subjects.

A lecture in school about TEXTILE DESIGN In general, and reasons why everyone can wear as feels or like, in particular.
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Green Day, in Amirim school.Feb, 13, 2009. Ecological artistic project with the pupils.  The subject of the project:
" The Ball is in Our Hands". Shomrim al hakadur = Saving the Ball.
During a month, the kids at school were learning about the ecological damage to earth. At the same time, each age group got a project to make with volunteering parents. They were learning about the damages caused by Plastic, Nylon,  Batteries, Air pollution & Cutting Trees.. etc.
Our priject was about the damage of batteries.
For general information: Batteries contain metals such as: Nikel, Cadmium, Lithium, Copper, etc.
While the batteries are thrown to garbage, the warping layer is being dismantled by the contact with all kinds of juices.. Eventually, particle of the metals reaches and pentrate the ground, finally it reaches underground water and actually pollute WATER.
The ball : Papier Mache' + adding batteries. Painted with Gouache.
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Green - Day, at Amirim School. The subject of the show : GREEN IS POWER! The Green Decoration for the kid's show, was my responsibity. 2008.
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The subject for "Green - Day" at Amirim school : "Golden Green". Road Saftey. Each age group created three dimentional map of a track to school.. I volunteered to work with Yarin's class, Grade, 5th. 2010.
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I  "met"  Justin Jenkins & his art in artwanted site. Since my son, Yarin admired and enjoyed his art, I decided to give the kids at Yarin's kinder - garten a lecture and artwork inspired by the artist, Justin Jenkins.
Photos from the project, taken by myself & my son, Saar who came to this activity as well, to help me. June, 2005.
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