Like RAINBOWS, That meet not really meet, yet actually Spectrums.

A collage made today from photos that were taken, Nov, 2014. Everyday a different
"rainbow", that is made naturally from the structure of the windows and light that enters and
touches the floor.

When I named back then in 1990, a shop- gallery I owned... "SPECTRUM", I had a reason.
I did not realized then that my artworks will be hanged later in my life, at my parents home like
a gallery.
AND THERE... At the "Colourful Magic Gallery" I can find everyday Spectrum..

Coincidence... ?
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Thanks for visiting.
May we be able to sEE everyday the RIGHT light, in able to create correct for us.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.
Nira Dabush - Berkovitz
Fine Art, from Gallery of Artworks 2014
Colourful Magic