Nira Dabush - Berkovitz
Fine Art, from Gallery of Artworks 2013
Colourful Magic
On Thorns on Flowers. Computer / Digital. 2013.
Taken : April, 6, 13. Aporocacus Flagelliformis. Digital work.

My way in internet taught me a lot on the virtual level.

Acts affected by Jealousy can hurt the other and kill LOVE.

Be at a place, where you feel safe, welcome, loved,
respected, protected & wanted.

Avoid places, where you can get hurt.

No one should try to control your freedom, in commenting,
likes (FB) or "places", in internet, where you wish to visit.

SMILE, and not just virtually... because it is healthy for your

AND, Remember behind every virtual person, there is REAL
person, with real feelings.