ART in Progress - The Process    
Muse & Inspiration
Colourful Magic
Photos of Epiphyllum, taken during May ( different years )
Three photos used to create a composition for a watercolour painting. 2011.
Art in progress. Watercolour.  2011.
Living Colours of Nature. 100CM X 70CM. Watercolour.  2011.
Muse & inspiration as ONE to me.
It has no human shape, nor figure to it.
It is an abstract state of mind, as I personally sEE it.
Inspiration is a strong urge to express and create in a certain moment.
It can be immediate, or after a while  ( even years ).
Muse or inspiration, is the POWER of enthusiasm, or the need to bring out of myself what I observe, sense, feels.. with all my senses.
Combing with the SPIRIT of creation.
Timing of creation, can be at the exact precise moment as I felt the "LIHGT" of INSPIRATION, or sometimes after.
My muse to create is not depend on the other, and therefore my ability to create, or being creative,  depends upon myself totally & TIME.
Reflecting my life (and not for the first time ) at different times, finding no connection usually between love to one and creating. Some of my significant work during my life was done without specific "LOVE" figure as muse.
Perhaps MUSE, to me is the UNIVERSAL LOVE, that reside inside me and wackes up any minute, I sense it.
AND.. LIFE is the endless possibilities of INSPIRATION, that I feel everyday of my life.

Part of :  "Living Colours of Nature". 100CM X 70CM. Watercolour.  2011.