Nira Dabush exhibiting at the Florence Biennale

Welcome to the FORTEZZA DA BASSO,Where the Florence Biennale Internazional Dell'
arte Contempornea,is taken place. Dec, 3 - 11, 2005 - Florence
Myself at my stand ,at the FLORENCE BEINNALE,DEC,05
A Diploma givven to me by the international jury committee ,for participation in the Florence Biennale,05
My stand at the Florence Biennale.Exhibited 3 artworks.
From Left to Right
1.The kingdom of Cats - Oil on Canvas , 48.5 cm x 58.5 cm ( witout the frame),2002
2. Life Tropical - Hooked Rug , 157 cm x 97 cm ,2005
3. Butterfly Legend - Felt Making ,112 cm x 74 cm ,2005
1.Photographer,Marrit Suomi Vaananen, and her husband Ville from Finland,looking at my artworks.
2.Myself with the Painter Terence Allan ,from Australia, in the background his artwork - Path of the Past
3.Kerry Cannon , the Sculptor from Australia,posing naturally with his artwork - Pinata
4.Painter ,Gustavo Von Ha ,from Brazil,my nighbour to ther stand,the background , his artwork :Pronto
5.Myself,the artist,Nira Dabush
6.The photographer ,Tabitha Burges and Jared ,her husband from USA , with her artwork - Hand & Hand
7.The painter , Simae Lee from Canada & Myself,at the backgroud ,simae 's artwork - At Journey's End.
8.The photographer, Marrit Suomi Vaananen from Finland and myself,at the background ,Marrit's artwork - Anonymous
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Meeting artists at the Florence Biennale, Dec 05,
To see  Zoomed In Version / Detailed View of the artworks ,I exhibited in Florence Biennale , please Click Here