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Self Portrait - Aug, 2009.

Original photos of myself were taken: Aug, 6, 09.

Combined with some of my waterlilies photos, for a self portrait.

Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.
Only few of those commented these works.
ShambLady :
" Nira, it reminds me of a fairytale written by queen fabiola of belgium.....dancers in
the waterlillies.... dont know the name of the fairytale....

Julius V :
" My Dutch upbringing reminded me of the Indian Water lilies As mentioned by
ShambLady is travelling but tries to keep up :)  
“Far away in the Indian jungle, there lies a small and mysterious lake. When the
moon rises, big and yellow, to the sky, the moon goddess and hundreds of stars
come down to dance on the lake. They dance, all night long, to the chants of a
witch who is standing beside the waterfall. With dawn, the moon goddess claps her
hands and all of them must return to the skies. But one night, seven stars
continued to dance. They suffered heavily for their disobedience: the witch had
them in her power and changed them into fairies, forcing them to dance on the
water-lilies forever.”