The Artist  - Nira Dabush Berkovitz
Colourful Magic
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So... There I was, at the entrance of the village.... Or not at the entrance, Yet...
ME ENTERING The area. Oct, 16, 2014. Jerusalem, Ein Karem.
Are You Ready ?

And then...
Stopping by, just for the moment, I stood there, next to the painting... I
did not asked myself what it reminded me, I knew at once, as if it was
a "SIGN".. That it will be another photo of myself.
"As if going out of a painting"... but not really...
As if having Hibiskus on my head, but not really... a detail from a
painting behind me. As if going out of a gallery.. would be correct.
At the entrance of a gallery. Ein Karem, Jerusalem. Oct, 16, 14.