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Always Following the Sun... NOVEMBER 15,06.
Self - Portrait ,myself in about 20 years from today...A lot of times we're thinking...
where we shall be in about 20 years from now...What shall we do..look like...etc.

Well, no one can really predict the future ... And the choice is always in our hands.
Personally I don't
think too much  of the future, I prefer to live the way, that will lead
,to how my life should look like.
TO LIVE LIFE, Each try to enjoy, what I have at this moment of my life, and to
that my life will be developed into the right place , in a natural way...
Some processes of life can take time...sometimes even all LIFE Long.
I hope that when my life will be ended, I will know that I lived them to the fullness , loyal
to my inner truth.

This is,maybe the real first time that i tried to paint my self - portrait...and actually the
number of painted portraits,
i did,all my can count on one hand's fingers.
The work on the right side, is to sense the inspiration comes from all over.