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April, 9, 2011.
The ONE, That I am...
Well.. I always liked to be ME..
With my own originality..
Some people may flattered by the fact
others like to imitate them, in one way
or another...
Personally, I prefer to be ME, The
What might be the reason one wish to
imitate another... ?.. Is it the fact that
person, has no original way of it's
own.. or the fact someone else ask this
from that person..
I can tell... I found out someone imitate
me for too long.. not the only one, by
the way...
Since I find the fact disturbing, i
thought there are several ways to
control this..
If this someone do so, in internet ways,
I simply don't visit his/her way.. Let
others enjoy the imitations..
The second, is simply to wear in
internet, my OLD, Clothes... which, i
don't use anymore really, even if i wear
it 3-10 times...
( which in fact i don't like, and don't
see as the solution ... eam en brera,
ani gam eese zot )
In fact several of my ways in internet,
no longer exist... NO INTEREST, I
My message.. BE YOURSELF!!..
Because I don't wish to be YOU.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.