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Changing SMILE ... Sep, 4, 2008, Self portrait.

My smile "changed ".. Let's say, there were 1 or 2 reasons for
that :-) ...
.... And changed since I first made or posted this for the first
time... , and surely will change in fututre .. Let''s hope for the
I believed and still in natural development, that will take me to
the place, I belong. Perhaps it was the easy way for me to
solve the issue.
Life is a study, for sure... And sometimes it will take us to
places, we never had dreamed to be...Yes, I found myself
during the last months "studying " not really studying a
subject, I never dreamed I will :-)... It was never ever occurred
in my mind, that I'll go that direction :-))... YES.. Life can be
VERY STRANGE , When you find yourself "learning" a
subject, you never really intended to...