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Not Really at the Clouds

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Aug, 10, 2013.

A year older, my birthday today (49)...

Surely was born at the hottest day of Summer.

The last time, I was at a train station, asking to buy a ticket... I was asked : " You need a student ticket, don't you ? ..."..

Half confused and surprised, I answered... : No, actually, I'm not a student anymore, since 25 years ago... "

.... and so on, etc... :-)

Is it age to learn... ?

We learn all life at the "SCHOOL OF LIFE", And than hopefully we become wiser with the years.

There is so much to learn, I guess.

Looking at life, from different points of view.

THE SKY IS THE LIMIT... May we do our best while on this earth.

Photos taken :June, 15, 2013.

Thanks for visiting. Happy day to all my friends.

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