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Nira's Corner - Aug, 10, 2011
Photos taken this morning, the morning of my 47th birthday, at my corner, using self photography

I was born Aug, 10, 1964.. at the hottest time of year here in Israel.. My first name Nira, was chosen
by my father, and it comes from the word, Nir, Which means : plowed field  (Nira is the female shape
of the word)
My second name, Dabush means: Palms honey... I've heard once by one of my Clarinet teachers
that Dabush is a drummer in Russian. (He was Russian, and I'm not playing the Clarinet anymore..)

Since my mother's birthday, about 2 weeks ago, I've heard this sentence few times...: " Do you
know, how it is like to give birth to a child , on a hot day, without no air condition, with the conditions
of the 60's here in Israel..As if repeating her mother's words ( my grandmother ) about her own
Well.. I don't know how it is like giving birth in SUMMER'S Hot days.. ;-).. But I surely know how it is to
give birth in Winter..:-)(my 2 boys)...
YES... I've heard stories of my delivery.. it took my mother 2 days to deliver me... With doctor's help
at last, sitting on her stomach.. So i could get out :-))..
Cheers to the new..!!
To be able to dream of the POSSIBLE, And it will come true.
With LOVE, From Israel
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.