Nira Dabush - Berkovitz
Past Posts in Internet, Since 2004. Diffrent posts, not particularly in chronological order.
Colourful Magic
Factory of Images

Like a STAMPS Collection...
Image consist of my images at AW Site, which for me, is the most active site I participate.
Today, there are 1785 images, created by myself in this site. Part of these images are seen at other sites too.
Since I started my way at AW, Aug, 2004... viewing my images and other's images... I asked myself... WHAT'S the PURPOSE.. ???
And, of course i had answers... with my dilemma...

For me, the internet use, and especially posting images, as many as some of us post, always was a PARADOX.
There is indeed fun, studding and exposing the artwork..
Yet, i think it is kind of addiction too, which take a lot of time...
We are getting addicted to post, to view others comment and get comments.
In return, we get unlimited virtual friends. Sometimes we know them very well... and sometimes, we are not even sure, who is behind a post.

I wonder, what do you think, or feel about the subject, with your own ability to be honest about it...

I checked by the way, the statistic of my portfolio, the day I posted this image for the first time... (2011)
Total images view: 4000 max per month in 2011.
Total images view: 60,000 in 2007.
That's quite a difference.

Important note:Just by the way, I'm the only one who make, then arrange  myself my images,  post them & comment.
So, that means, that in my own "factory of images".. I'm the only worker.