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Colourful Magic
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Series 2: Textile Design for textiles or paper. Mixed Media. Computer Digital.
EyEs Staring at YOU... All kinds of ... . 2015.


The original watercolour work of mine, was done, approx : 2011.

While working on a series.

Different options, and the choice is always in our "hands" or actually mind & heart.

People are different, sometimes similar... the similarity can be seen at the outside... but usually can't be seen immediately from the inside.

The outside not always reflect the inside.

Some are similar outside but completely different in points of view. or ways of thinking.

I would not particularly "fall in love" with the colour of your eYeS, Nor the colour of your hair... and not particularly, the shape of your face, or body...
Since personally I have no favorite "COLOUR"... I would not be prejudice on this subject.

Some has a wish for a particular "CHOICE", Not all.

I would not choose you to be my friend, accordingly to "colour" and would not prefer you, according to outside look. I would not choose you, for any
profession that you are having.

For me... it's WHO, You represent, by your attitude towards me, first, by respecting and understanding the full meaning of respect to one another...
by talking on the same level of understanding.

If I choose you, I choose you, no matter what the colours of your eyes is... and I choose, mutual, in every aspect of it.

I choose you, since I appreciate your wisdom and originality, and more...

I CHOSE YOU FOR YOUR INNER, And then the outside will get a complete different meaning... If I love your inner, than I would sometimes love your
outside too.

I would love your honesty & and being true with me and yours.

I would appreciate you when your character qualities compatible mine .

Not all are the same... there is much I could talk of those subject, or educate others the same.

People are being attracted to one another from different reasons, and I don't particularly refer to romantic relationships.There are more aspects to
this subject......

My post has no connection to any of my readers, or viewers.. but it is meant as part of my personal point of view in general.

Thanks for visiting.

Have a splendid week a head.

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