Nira Dabush - Berkovitz
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Colourful Magic
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In respect of Perfectionism.
I don't think I was born a perfectionist, but I
know I become one.
I don't remember if as a child I understood or
wish to be a perfectionist, but I know, I aimed
for perfectionism later in my life. Probably in
my very early 20's, I understood I'm able to
bring the best of me in a perfect way. The
ability and understanding arrived with life itself.
Perfectionism become part of my  creation in
many fields. (not in all) It become my wish to
create perfect, as much as it was possible for
me...And a second nature to me, in some

Is it really possible to be a perfectionist in
posting in  internet.... ???
Unfortunately ONLY SOMETIMES.
Why ???    -  If you depend on someone else,
only sometimes you can be a perfectionist
If things are only depend on yourself, you can
be a perfectionist.

Have yourself a perfect day!!
With my dignity to you!!
Honorable Rose. Computer/Digital.